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Aeolus is the only option for people wanting the perfect balance between quality, performance and price. Thanks to decades of experience, Aeolus develops and produces high quality tyres in accordance with the strictest norms.

  • Robust, hardwearing, safe and reliable
  • Specially designed, particularly strong three-row block-type tread
  • Excellent traction on stony, sandy or muddy ground
  • Attention has been paid to the tread pattern, ensuring that it is very capable of self-cleaning


The AGB20 is designed to cope with the constant demands of urban streets and poorly repaired potholes, as well as for frequent braking and moving off in the urban environment.

  • Designed for urban use and the urban environment
  • Extremely robust casing structure and side wall
  • Capable of handling kerbstones and potholes, as well as regular acceleration and braking
  • Special rubber compound for grip in the wet, low rolling resistance and mileage performance advantage


Aeolus AGC28 comes with all the necessary structural and development-related features required: an extremely resistant overall structure, including the casing, amazing self-cleaning properties thanks to the special profile design, the extra wide ground contact area, outstanding economy and mileage performance, and resistance to cuts and cracked rubber to ensure reduced periods of downtime.

  • An extremely durable casing which can withstand almost any load
  • A side wall which combines the robustness and flexibility specifically required on construction sites
  • Robust handling in muddy areas or on unsurfaced ground
  • Tread which provides adhesion and torsional rigidity


HN06. Steer wheel and trailer wheel. Regional use. Suitable for good road surface application. With excellent anti-side-skid character. Low rolling resistance . Low heat generating, excellent high speed driving character.

  • Steer wheel and trailer wheel, regional use
  • Suitable for relatively poor road conditions
  • Great anti-uneven wear and high tear resistance
  • Low heat generating and great resistance character


The HN08 is an all-position rib suitable for both on- and off-road applications. The HN08 was engineered with extended tread life in mind, and designed to deliver class-leading chip resistance.

  • Four rib design with zig-zag patterns for stone decoupling
  • Deep arrowhead shoulder grooves for maximum traction in rough terrain situations
  • Extra-deep tread design and unique com- pound for extended tread life