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Michelin Retread tyres are manufactured in factories that have invested in and implemented specific Michelin-approved retreading equipment, manufacturing process and quality systems.

Each accredited factory must undergo a rigorous audit of both product quality and the adherence to the Michelin Quality System by both Michelin Australia (quarterly) and the larger Michelin Group (annually).

The Michelin developed retread tyre process is designed to remanufacture your used Michelin tyre and other branded tyres, to new Michelin tyre standards. The treads used in the process are manufactured in the same factories and using the same compounds as the new tyres.

The attributes that apply to new Michelin new tyres are applicable to the Michelin retread tyre:

• Innovation
• Performance
• Quality
• Lowest cost per kilometre
• Reliability
• Technical Support




Premium performance that lasts longer, reduces cost per kilometre and reduces fuel consumption when compared with alternative retread offers;

Reliability & Quality

80 years of retreading experience, Michelin process and quality system, rigorous casing inspection and repair operation, similar tread compound to new;

Environmentally friendly

Reduces number of scrap tyres by re-using the casing, less CO2 emissions thanks to lower rolling resistance.


While we retread tyres case brands other than Michelin the lowest total cost per kilometre over the life of the tyre is delivered when starting with a new Michelin tyre.

An overview of the Michelin tyre retreading process and Quality System is provided below: